About Us

Florida Recycling Partnership is a coalition of businesses and associations dedicated to improving Florida’s recycling rates. Our members are proactively implementing initiatives in their organizations and companies to reduce the waste they produce, and increase recycled materials. Additionally our companies are working to create greater recycling opportunities for consumers. They believe in the symbols … reduce, reuse and recycle!

Florida Recycling Partnership mission is to educate policy makers and the general public on the benefits of recycling. Our members believe developing and adopting sustainable business practices will promote recycling, reduce waste, and increase the reuse of materials whenever possible.

Outreach initiatives will be designed to educate and encourage Florida businesses and individuals to maximize existing recycling programs. When economically and technologically feasible expand outreach programs to include other materials.

Below are some of the suggestions from Florida Recycling Partnership

  • Lead by example by incorporating recycling programs within businesses
  • Use recyclable or reusable packaging whenever feasible
  • Design packaging to maximize recyclability and use of recycled materials
  • Design packaging that requires less material in order to conserve natural resources
  • Educate businesses and individuals by providing clear labeling on packaging and information on the proper use of their bins so not to contaminate.
  • Utilize single stream recycling when possible


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